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Childhood diabetes discoveries could lead to new treatments

– Children who are diagnosed with diabetes before the age of seven develop a more aggressive form of the disease than that seen in teenagers, new research has revealed. – children aged six or under are left with very few insulin-producing beta cells in their pancreas when diagnosed, than those with type 1 diabetes as teenagers retain large number of these cells – A condition known as insulitis, representing an inflammatory process, kills off nearly all the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas of the young children. – Next step is to investigate why diabetes progresses differently in younger and […]

Face-to-Face Still Trumps Texts for Social Closeness, Studies Find

  Technology use among young people offers some social advantages, face-to-face interaction does a better job of conveying emotional support and helping to read unspoken cues, new research contends. One study showed that face-to-face support proved better than text messaging in brightening the moods of those who’ve just faced stress. The other study found that preteens who spent five days away from screens improved their ability to recognize nonverbal emotional cues. So STOP texting and have a face-to-face conversation..Will you ?

Multistate Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Garden of Life RAW Meal Products: CDC

A salmonella outbreak that has sickened 11 people in nine states appears to be linked to RAW Meal Organic Shake & Meal Replacement products made by Garden of Life, federal health officials say. One person has been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention On Jan. 29, Garden of Life recalled some RAW Meal Organic Shake & Meal Replacement products in original, chocolate, vanilla and vanilla chai varieties due to possible salmonella contamination. Ok now what…We can’t even trust organic food ? SOURCE: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, news […]

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